Sheree Fitzgerald


Hi, I’m Sheree. I’m a personal trainer, performing artist and teacher trainee!  

The different hats I wear enable me to build meaningful connections, share my knowledge and create environments where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can learn new skills and achieve their wildest goals.


About Sheere

I’ve always been passionate about moving my body, feeling comfortable in my skin and helping others do the same.

Growing up in a dance environment, there was a lot of pressure to look a certain way. After years of gruelling auditions, performances, tours and competitions I can honestly say that I’m always at my best when I’m training intuitively and listening to my body. Above all else, I found the right mindset to make exercise a part of my life instead of something I ‘had’ to do in order to fit an arbitrary definition of healthy.

That’s why, when the entertainment industry was decimated by COVID-19 (and I ended up with a lot of spare time on my hands), I decided to become a Personal Trainer; so I could help other people cut through all of the nonsense and figure out a way to move their bodies that feels right for them! Not just right but fun. Fantastic, even!

Training style

At-home workouts helped me maintain my sanity during lockdowns, injury and time off work, and I truly believe fitness and health doesn’t have to be complicated.

So let’s keep it simple. 

I’m here to help you build strength, mobility and flexibility and, most importantly…


I want to help you discover your reason to move!

Let’s do this!

Are you ready to put your health first and make fitness fun?

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  • Fitness Australia registration
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Boxing