Forget what you know about fitness

because we’re about to flip the script!

Here at Vitalita HQ, we’re sick and tired of fitness companies telling people that 6 / 9/ 12 weeks is all it takes to ‘completely overhaul your body forever’, that foods are strictly ‘good’ or ‘bad’, that weight loss is the barometer of success and worthiness, and that change happens overnight.

We’re flipping the (outdated) script, doing things differently and supporting you to step into your full health and wellbeing potential  – not just squeeze you into a itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini for one season!

We created this challenge because you are so much more than a before and after photo!

We believe that health is about so much more than the numbers on a scale, or the size on a pair of jeans. It’s about:

  • being a role model (not a fitness model) for your kids
  • having fun and enjoying life
  • waking up feeling refreshed and full of energy
  • knowing what your body needs to thrive, and nurturing it with a unique combo of movement, nutrition and lifestyle choices
  • celebration (not denigration or self-flagellation!)
  • feeling confident in the skin you’re in – regardless of its shape or size.


Online only


Online + in-person




This isn’t about ‘New Year, New Me’

This is about having fun, rediscovering movement you enjoy and creating healthy habits that are sustainable well after the challenge is over!

We’re calling all women in and around Brisbane North who:

  • want to start 2021 on a positive note
  • are ready to create lifestyle changes that are enjoyable and sustainable (well after the challenge is over)
  • are intimidated by all the hardcore, ultracompetitive challenges out there and just want to find a form of movement that feels fun
  • want to be more than a number in a faceless gym
  • want to connect with like-minded health-aspiring women who they can stay on track, laugh and celebrate with
  • know that true and lasting joy is not found on a pair of scales
  • want to step into their full joy, full worth and full vitality.

Join us for 9 weeks of all-abilities workouts (in-person and online), support that will help you feel your most well and happy in all areas of your life, fun family activities … and more!

Starts 1 February 2021 (after school goes back)

So, no excuses!


Online only


Online + in-person




Here’s what you receive as part of the challenge

Home workouts for all levels

Access to the Vitalita app for the duration of the challenge, with new all-abilities workouts uploaded weekly.

Weekly in-person classes

Access to Saturday Sweat Sessions, plus fun weekly in-person movement sessions that combine group fitness, mobility, Pilates and yoga.

Education + inspiration

Online and in person workshops with experts about everything from nutrition and meal planning, to self care and mindset.

Fun family activities

Social activities for the whole family (yes, kids and partners are welcome!).

Motivation + support

Our amazing trainers will be on hand in the private Facebook group to keep you motivated, inspired, excited and accountable.

Prizes galore

Weekly prize draws, thanks to our community partners.

Let’s take a closer look…

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ll cover each week, alongside online and in-person workouts and prizes!

When it comes to health

there is no silver bullet

It takes incremental and consistent steps to get where you want to be.

When you join our ‘challenge’, we’ll be with you, every step along the way. We’ll celebrate your successes (trust us – there will be plenty!), cheer you on and set you up for a lifetime of health, happiness and endless vitality.  

Join us and start 2021 on a positive note – starts 1 February



Here are some frequently asked questions that get thrown our way

  • I haven’t exercised in ages. Will I be able to keep up?

    It’s fantastic that you’re thinking about creating new, healthy habits. Well done!

    Experiencing a degree of resistance is completely normal but please know that this isn’t a scary fitness challenge. Far from it!

    Here at Vitalita, we firmly believe wellness is for everyBODY and pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, safe and non-intimidating environment for women of all ages, sizes and abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re not fit at all, super fit, or somewhere in between – ALL levels of fitness are welcome!

    Over the course of the challenge, you’ll be exposed to new exercises and techniques that you can incorporate into your personal fitness regime. All-abilities workouts will be uploaded to the Vitalita app weekly and, when it comes to in-person sessions, our experienced trainers are accustomed to adapting exercises to suit various abilities, injuries and other limitations.

    Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who will cheer you on, encourage you to be your best self and celebrate your wins (large or small).

    Every journey starts with one small, courageous step so we encourage you to lean into your fear and say yes!

  • Where are the in-person sessions held?

    Vitalita is based on Brisbane’s northside and we have chosen Chermside as a central meeting point.

    Most in-person sessions will take place at 7th Brigade Park or Marchant Park. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know the exact location closer to the date!

  • I don’t live in Brisbane. Can I still participate?

    You sure can! We’re offering a special rate for those who can’t or don’t want to attend in-person events and, if you register before 13 December 2020, you’ll save even more!

    Earlybird: $149

    Regular: $199

  • I see some parts of the challenge are delivered online. What programs do I need?

    Vitalita Health + Fitness app

    When you join our ‘challenge’, you’ll be given access to the Vitalita app for the duration of the challenge. The app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. You’ll receive instructions on how to download the app before the challenge begins.


    When you’re establishing new habits, support is essential which is why we’ve create a private Facebook community just for the challenge. Our amazing trainers (and your teammates!) will be on hand to keep you motivated, inspired, excited and accountable for the whole 9 weeks.


    It sounds obvious but you’ll need your own email account because you won’t want to miss our regular emails – they’ll be chock full of information, advice and important reminders about what’s happening and when.

  • Will I receive a meal plan as part of the challenge?

    One of the reasons we resisted running a fitness challenge for so long was because the restrictive,  low calorie meal plans are unsuitable for many participants and unsustainable long term. These kind of meal plans perpetuate the binge and restrict cycle that so many women are caught in.

    Meal plans tend to be one-size-fits-all but you, my friend, are unique and your diet should be too! We’ve teamed up with Clinical Nutritionist Zoe Morosini to help you create healthy nutrition habits, and learn to listen to what your body wants and needs.

  • Can my partner and I join together?

    Absolutely! When you’re making lifestyle changes, a solid support system is important. Having your partner on-board is going to make adopting new, healthier habits so much easier. We can’t wait to meet you both!

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