Wellness at Work

We are committed to helping employees thrive, and helping employers create a workplace that is supportive and productive.

In a report titled ‘Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings’, Health Affairs reports that every $1 invested in wellness programs saves businesses $3 in healthcare costs. It’s also well known that businesses that prioritise the wellbeing of their staff have lower absentee rates, higher workplace satisfaction scores and better productivity. 

With the average Australian spending a third of their life at work, it’s imperative that management teams value the physical and mental health of their employees and understand the link between the wellness of their staff, and the success of their business outcomes. 

Wellness programs are fast becoming one of the key ways that forward thinking management teams are supporting their staff to thrive and be their healthiest selves – psychologically, emotionally and physically.


Research has found that workplaces that prioritise health and happiness have staff that:

  • are more focussed and productive
  • feel satisfied and engaged at work
  • feel valued
  • have lower rates of absenteeism
  • enjoy being at work and have improved levels of morale
  • stay in their roles for longer periods of time
  • are less stressed and have better mental health
  • are physically well
  • have higher levels of connection and loyalty to their workplace.

Melissa, NAK Hair

“Georgina has been running classes at work for over a year and I absolutely love it! Prior to that I had never done any kind of yoga or meditation so I didn’t really know what to expect, but from the first class I was hooked! Georgina’s teaching style is so calming and gentle.

It’s exactly what I need to de-stress, unwind + relax after a long day.

I have now incorporated yoga and mindfulness into my weekly routine at home and it has had such a positive impact on my general health and wellbeing. Georgina’s knowledge and passion for wellness is so inspiring and it has really changed my outlook on self-care. Just the simple act of breathing and being more aware of the breath is so powerful and has helped me to turn my focus inwards and be kinder to myself.”

What does a Wellness at Work session look like?

  • MINDFUL MOVEMENT – Yoga, Pilates and mindfulness practices for the modern workplace

    Whether your employees want to alleviate common aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting and use of technological device or practical tools to manage day-to-day stress, our goal is to empower people to take control of their own wellbeing.

    A typical session includes gentle yoga and pilates to stretch and strengthen, breathing and relaxation.

    Treat Your Team

    From $160

    • One-off 60-minute session
    • Up to 15 participants
    • All equipment provided

    Weekly Reset 

    From $120/week

    • Weekly 60-minute session, minimum 8-week commitment
    • Up to 15 participants
    • All equipment provided


  • GROUP FITNESS – work as a team to build strength, endurance and energy

    Incorporating a blend of strength and cardio, these sessions will get your employee’s endorphins pumping and leave them feeling energetic and focussed for the day ahead.

    6-week Team Challenge 

    From $150+GST/week

    • Weekly 45-minute session, minimum 6-week commitment
    • Up to 15 participants
    • All equipment provided


Classes can be held before, during or after work and will be tailored to your desired outcomes and employee demographic. All equipment is provided and no experience or particular level of fitness is required.

Georgina and Uale lead our Wellness at Work sessions. Having worked on the ground and in management roles for many years, they understand the unique needs of both employees and employers, and have experienced,the positive impact workplace wellness programs have on individuals and businesses as a whole.

Whether it was a lunchtime yoga class or strength training in the company gym at the end of a long day, I always felt more energised and was a more productive employee when I proactively managed my physical and mental health.

My team also reaped the benefits because I was a more effective, less flappable manager.”

All Vitalita team members are fully insured (Personal and Public Liability) and hold current First Aid and CPR certificates.

Your investment

Starting at $120, price will vary depending on session length, travel requirements and number of sessions booked.

Many companies invest in classes for employees as part of their health and wellness strategy, subsidising the cost of classes fully or partially. If you choose to offer a partial-subsidy, you are responsible for coordinating employee payments.

Happy and healthy staff are the key to business growth and success.
Get in touch to discover the benefits for your workplace. 


Need more evidence to demonstate that happy, healthy staff are the key to business growth and success?

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