Are you a busy Mum who spends all day looking after others?

Are you a professional career woman who is constantly on the go and ‘wired’?

Are you approaching burnout? Feeling overwhelmed? At the end of your tether?

I’ve been where you are, my friend. Physically exhausted, mentally drained, and just holding it together by the thinnest-of-thin threads.

I created PAUSE: 7 Days of Self Care, for you.

Exhaustion is not a badge of honour

I am here to help you slow down and carve out pockets of time just for you.

Because when you pause, you’re a better Mum, partner, boss, colleague, friend and all-round human.

Because when you pause, you allow your nervous system to settle and recalibrate (goodbye: anxiety and stress!)

Because when you pause, your joy returns and you remember what’s

truly important in your life.

Take it from the woman who once signed off from work on stress leave – exhaustion is not a badge of honour. You deserve more. So much more. And things can be different…

For just $34 and a small daily commitment over a one week period, PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care will nourish your life and bring your back home to yourself.


PAUSE is about small shifts

When you join PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care, you’ll be sent emails, audios and cheat sheets to help you make small, uncomplicated changes to your everyday life. These shifts will gift you more time, more energy and more clarity. You’ll even get a bonus day’s support to help you dive deeper into the self care pool, rewire your mind and recalibrate your system.

PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care is a combination of all the tools I used to heal and come back to my true self; all the tools that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Feel the difference in just one week

We’ll use nourishing practices like guided meditations, simple yoga poses, breathing techniques, music, movement and powerful rememberings to get you there.

All it takes is 10 to 20 minutes a day, a yearning for things to be different, and a commitment to showing up and doing the work. PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care will have you seeing sweet glimpses of your best self and remembering who you truly are – underneath all the busy-ness, to-do’s, roles you play and masks you wear.

Your life can feel different, but it’s up to you to make that choice. If you’re ready to dip your toes in the self care water and see how life can feel when you pause and slow down, then I invite you to join me.

This is a just a taste of what you can expect.

Greater resilience in the face of stress

More energy

Increased clarity and purpose

More joy

Improved relationships

Improved sleep







Here’s what women have said so far…

“As a busy business owner who is constantly in her head, PAUSE gifted me the support I needed to re-establish positive daily habits and reconnect with myself. PAUSE has been created with such love and Georgina’s passion for helping women be their most happy and peaceful selves shines through. Thank you for this gift Georgina!”

Che Johnson, Copywriter




“PAUSE came to me at exactly the right time. I was working a lot and felt like I was constantly running on a hamster wheel without taking a breath. Taking just seven days to incorporate more space throughout my days really started to trigger a daily habit.

Even after the seven days, when I had a day where I felt like I was go, go go… I could hear Georgina’s voice in the back of my mind reminding me to slow down and pause. It’s been a real pivotal change for me in making sure I have time for myself no matter what my day looks like.”

Bay Bradfield, Business strategist + sales coach




“It’s way too easy to ignore the signs and push through with stress. Having this simple, easy to implement program allowed me to just take that little bit of time I really needed for myself. For anyone prone to burn out, or in need of some effective at-home R&R, I highly recommend grabbing Pause for yourself!”

Lauren Fraser, Director LMF Marketing

Are you ready to press pause?

Don’t let this be the one more thing you’ll do “one day” or “when I have more time”. For just $34 and a small daily commitment over a one week period, PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care will nourish your life and bring your back home to yourself.