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Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in Bald Hills?

Do you feel like there’s more to life but don’t know where to start? We know that starting a successful journey towards long term health and everyday wellness can be daunting, especially when you crave more than just dropping a dress size. That’s why we’ve designed our holistic personal training packages to empower the women of Bald Hills to regain control of their busy schedules and give back to themselves with physical activity and mindfulness practices.


Unlock your potential with a holistic Personal Trainer in Bald Hills

By fostering a healthy relationship between your body and mind, our Personal Trainers help you unleash inner vibrancy to totally transform your life. How does staying more focused at work or with the kids sound? What about moving effortlessly through your busy schedule with a sense of calm and productivity? Your potential is limitless when you work with our Personal Trainers in Bald Hills to:

  • move your body in exciting and challenging ways to redefine what you’re capable of and pump feel good endorphins through your body
  • understand what’s holding you back and harness the tools to overcome your limitations
  • discover ways to exercise that are enjoyable and engaging
  • learn how to maximise results outside your sessions with nutrition advice, mindfulness techniques and much more
  • recover faster and prevent injuries,ensuring nothing holds you back from reaching your goals.

Ongoing support and motivation from our expert Personal Trainers will keep you on track at every stage of your journey.

Our personal trainers are dedicated to enriching the lives of women in Bald Hills with our unique range of mobile personal training, yoga, Pilates and mindfulness services. By improving all areas of your life our personal training packages unlock your true potential.

Our one on one personal trainers in Bald Hills offer a holistic approach to your health journey that enables you to create long term, life-changing improvements in your everyday life and overall happiness.

Our Mobile Personal Training Service in Bald Hills

How does yoga or Pilates overlooking the water sound? What about working out while your kids are at soccer training in Canterbury Park? Regardless of your current lifestyle, commitments or location in Bald Hills, our mobile personal training service is exactly what you need to create the fulfilling life you deserve. We say that with confidence because we have proven capacity to create a truly unique mobile personal training experience for you that:

  • gives you choice as to when and where you workout (including your home)
  • provides all equipment necessary to amplify your workouts and keep them fun and interesting
  • offers ever-changing workouts; you won’t do the same session twice (unless of course you loved one of our sessions so much you want to do it again – which is likely!)
  • allows you to workout with family or friends with our group packages
  • has a strategic approach to your sessions to get results faster
  • offers a genuine connection with your trainer that enriches your wellness journey.

Whether you are a professional woman commuting daily or a busy stay at home Mum, our team of mobile Personal Trainers are here to help you live your best in Bald Hills.

Our holistic health services make it possible to be busy and create time for your personal growth and wellbeing. You don’t have to jeopardise convenience for quality in our books. By promoting positive change in all aspects of your life, our programs enable you to reach a place of everyday vitality. 

Our mobile personal training packages take a holistic look at your health and wellness to develop a program that is uniquely yours. 

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Not in Bald Hills? Not a problem! Our Mobile Personal Training service is offered all across Brisbane Northside and the CBD, and our online coaching and accountability program is available to all of Australia! Check out all of our holistic health offerings to start your journey with us today.


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