As the sun sets on another year, I invite you to take time to reflect.

Think back to this time last year. Where were you and what you were doing? You may even recall how you were feeling at the time. ⁠

You are not the same person you were 12 months ago. From your external appearance, right down to your cellular structure, you are a different person than the one who was present on this day last year. ⁠Doesn’t that just blow your mind!?

⁠What else has transpired or changed in the last 12 months? Here are a few journal prompts to consider as you reflect on the year:

  • What worked well this year?
  • What am I most proud of this year?
  • What did I learn about myself this year?
  • What was the biggest risk I took this year?
  • What are 3 highlights (personal or professional) of the year?
  • What do I wish I’d made more time for this year?
  • Where in my life am I tolerating less than the best for myself?⁠
  • What thoughts, habits or beliefs do I want to leave behind in 2021?

After you’ve spent some time journaling, listen to this guided meditation I created to help you release the emotional and energetic weight of 2021 so you’re free to move into the new year feeling expansive and in alignment with your vision!

I hope you have a happy, healthy and deeply restorative holiday season. I look forward to re-connecting with you in person and online next year.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering, ‘is this all there is?’, I want to assure you that life can be different. And it’s not too late to follow your dreams and create a life brimming with energy, vitality and passion!⁠

Book a free connection call to find out how 1:1 coaching can help you bring your dreams to life in 2022!

– Georgina –

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