Personal training is individualised, supportive and fun. It provides a structured workout environment that helps you achieve your personal fitness goals and stay motivated and moving forward. 

Sam and Uale are the Personal Trainers on the Vitalita team.

Sam (that’s him on the left) is a fun-loving ball of energy. He’s happiest when he’s on the tennis court, in nature and pushing his body to reach new limits. Sam is encouraging, friendly (yes, even when he meets people for 5am PT sessions!), and passionate about making exercise fun!

Uale (the guy on the right) is an all-round good bloke, who loves a cold beer on a hot Brisbane day. He’s slightly obsessed with doing fun runs, is caring, and passionate about ensuring his clients walk away from each session knowing they are on track to achieve their goals. 

Some of the benefits of personal training include:

  • getting a personal cheerleader on your team to encourage you (and sometimes literally give you a helping hand when you think you can’t do another rep)
  • having an expert to plan and guide you through each session, providing you with focused workouts and quicker results
  • motivation and accountability
  • prevention and management of injuries and plateaus
  • fun workouts and exposure to new exercises and techniques 
  • extended range of motion and flexibility so you can do the things you love to do
  • assistance with nutrition and fitness related questions
  • added confidence that comes with knowing that you’ve overcome your mental and physical limitations and achieved what you thought was impossible.

When you invest in personal training with Vitalita you can expect the highest level of care and support.

  • You’ll be met with a big smile and genuine care, each and every time we meet.
  • We take the time to get to know your lifestyle, goals and needs, so we can create a program that is tailored to YOU!
  • No two sessions are the same. We pre-plan each session to keep it fresh and exciting, and maximise our time together.
  • We keep in touch outside of our sessions to answer your questions, provide advice and keep you on track.

Our Mobile PT services are offered one on one or you can partner with friends. Got a question about personal training? You’ll find answers to common questions here.

Personal Training Packages

Week in, week-out, we’ll show you how to harness the tools to transform your life and achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

  • THE VIBRANCY AND VITALITY PACKAGE – rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit

    This holistic health package is designed to calm and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

    Perfect for the busy professional woman and/or Mum, this package will have you feeling more energetic, less stressed and thinking more clearly in no time.

    This life changing package includes:

    • individualised personal training sessions designed to maximise your time
    • access to the Vitalita app where you can access workouts 24/7
    • simple tips to make meal planning and prep a breeze
    • a stress busting meditation
    • a calming essential oil blend
    • access to PAUSE: 7 days of self care; and
    • unlimited email and phone support.

    Our years of experience have taught us that rejuvenating your physical health will improve all aspects of your life – your work, emotional and mental health, relationships with yourself and others and general life satisfaction. The Vibrancy and Vitality Package will have you feeling your best self again in no time. We take care of the details,so all you have to do is show up!

    The Vibrancy and Vitality Package includes one 45-minute PT session/week.

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  • THE RESET AND RECOVERY PACKAGE – get back to doing what you love sooner

    This holistic health package is designed to help your mind and body heal and recover after an injury,or childbirth.

    It’s also perfect for the woman who is new to, or getting back into a fitness regime.

    This life changing package includes:

    • personal training sessions tailored to your unique physical needs
    • access to the Vitalita app where you can access workouts 24/7
    • consultation and mini-treatment with an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist
    • massage ball and exercise band to support your recovery
    • nutrition tips and tricks; and
    • unlimited email and phone support.

    Get back to doing what you love sooner. The Reset and Recovery package will see a reduction, and in some cases elimination of pain; improved posture; increased ability to easily accomplish daily activities; an increased range of movement and flexibility and enhanced fitness. It will also help to rejuvenate your mind and emotional wellbeing, leaving you feeling less stressed and more calm and joyful in no time.

    The Reset and Recovery Package includes one 45-minute PT session/week.

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  • THE TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE – feel fantastic, inside and out

    This holistic health package is for the woman who is ready to shift her weight and enhance her self confidence.

    The Transformation Package will help you to lose weight, tone up, increase your energy and feel better on the inside and out.

    This life changing package includes:

    • a personalised goal-setting session
    • weekly group fitness sessions
    • fun personal training sessions created with your goals in mind
    • consultation with and meal planning assistance from a certified Health Coach and Personal Chef
    • access to the Vitalita app where you can access workouts 24/7
    • fortnightly measurements to help keep you inspired and on track
    • a transformational meditation bundle to shift your mindset and help you
      achieve your goals; and
    • unlimited email and phone support.

    Perfect for the woman who struggles to stick to an exercise and fitness regime, the Transformation package will help you stay focused, motivated and on track to achieve your goals. With dedication and commitment, the Vitalita team will have you looking and feeling your best self again in no time.

    The Transformation Package includes one 45-minute PT session/week.

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Terms and conditions apply on all personal training packages. See here for more information.

“As a fitness professional of over 13 years myself, I went to Sam with some fairly high expectations. Having trained with Sam for over 12 months now, I have certainly not been disappointed. Sam is an outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright at 6am and comes equipped with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge which keeps variety and challenge in my workouts.

Sam has a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. We are never short of a laugh to mask the hard work. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking to commit to their ongoing fitness goals.”


Not what you are after?

We will work with you to create a bespoke training package which meets your unique needs and goals.

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