Sam Scibilia


Hi, I’m Sam, personal trainer and tennis nut!

I want to help you look and feel your best (and have a ridiculously good time doing so!)



Although I was actively involved with sport and fitness in my youth, a decade of overindulgence in Europe and a career as a commercial electrician left me with persistent lower back pain, gastrointestinal trouble and a bit of a beer belly.

My return to Australia in 2012 reignited my desire to live an active and healthy life.

I headed back to the gym, shedding 8kg in just under four months. I thought that if I could shape up and feel that good, then anyone could. I traded my electrical tools for textbooks and went back to TAFE.

Now, I’m on a mission to help women transform their lives by helping them to see and feel that their bodies and minds can work for them in the most optimal way. AND, I believe it is actually possible to get fit, active and healthy whilst having a ridiculously good time!

I feel energised when I get up in the morning because I’m excited about what I do. I love working with women who are READY TO CHANGE. And when I see the results in those I work with – their health, happiness and confidence – well, that’s all the assurance I need that I am living my life ON PURPOSE.

Grab a cuppa and get to know what makes Sam tick here.


Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or bounce back after injury, I am committed to working with you to set and achieve your short and long-term health and fitness goals.

I am driven by your achievements: that look of relief and accomplishment at the end of a grueling session; newly found confidence; overcoming mental and physical limitations to achieve what you thought was impossible.


Your health is priceless

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  • Fitness Australia registration
  • Certificate III and IV in Health and Fitness, Sunshine Coast TAFE
  • Tennis coaching, Level 1, ATPCA
  • First Aid and CPR

I have undertaken additional training in the following areas so I can ensure variety and correct technique:

  • Safe Return to Exercise (pre and post natal training)
  • boxing
  • dead ball
  • FX Rehabilitation
  • group exercise
  • kettle bell – Level 1 and 2
  • mobility
  • Trigger Point Therapy; mobility & muscle maintenance
  • suspension strap training – TRX and Crankit Fitness