Here at Vitalita Health & Fitness,
we are all about the feels! 

Well, one feeling in particular: VITALITY

You know, that super spring in your step; that electric energy that allows your body to instantly activate and your mind to be clear and focused?

We want more of THAT.

Our mission

Vitality is your natural state, and we believe you deserve a life brimming with it! So much so that we named our company Vitalità which is the Italian word for ‘vitality’.

We believe wellness is multi-faceted; it’s about so much more than just looking good, which is why you won’t find us promoting ‘bikini body’ workouts or training clients in preparation to compete.

We firmly believe wellness is for everyBODY and advocate an holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

We don’t just want you to LOOK GOOD, we want you to FEEL GREAT and MOVE WITH EASE so you can do all the things you love to do with confidence.

Let us share our passion for health, fitness and wellbeing with you!

Our values

Our core values drive our decision making and vision for the business. We:

  • are passionate about living a healthy, active life
  • believe wellness is for everyBODY and aim to make it accessible, inclusive and fun!
  • are committed to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals
  • are driven by client experience and outcomes, and always put the customer first.

Here’s what some of our happy clients have said

Sally, Mobile Personal Training

I only have accolades for this guy. He is a fantastic PT. I’ve had a few but tend to lose interest after a few months. Given, I am generally lazy, unmotivated, plus I work long hours and travel, and I enjoy eating and drinking (too much probably) means I’m unfit, unhealthy and not a happy camper!

Since taking up PT with Sam, I’m fitter, faster, healthier, happier.

Michelle, Group Yoga Classes

I’ve been doing yoga with Georgina for over a year. It gives me a dedicated time each week to stop and look after me.

I love that Georgina honours everyone in the room with her words and actions; she understands that we are all different and at different stages of our lives and practice. Georgina’s approach is warm, friendly, welcoming and liberating. I always feel like I’ve been cared for by good friends when I leave my class.

Physically I feel energised and stronger but also more aware of what my body can do and what it needs support doing. I like that – I feel more in control of my body which is changing as the years roll on.

I’d definitely recommend Georgina if you are looking for an experienced teacher who nurtures the human body, mind and spirit.

Maryam, Personal Training & Tennis Coaching

Sam is the best personal trainer for somebody like me with a very busy and stressful lifestyle. He is very encouraging, professional, friendly and most importantly flexible. He introduces new exercises based on my level of energy and other requirements.

It’s almost a year and I have noticed a real change in my strength. I am pretty sure, I would stop going to gym without his encouragement.