PAUSE: 7 Days of Self Care


Are you a busy Mum who spends all day looking after others?

Are you a professional career woman who is constantly on the go and ‘wired’?

Are you approaching burnout? Feeling overwhelmed? At the end of your tether?

When you join PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care, you’ll be sent emails, audios and cheat sheets to help you make small, uncomplicated changes to your everyday life. These shifts will gift you more time, more energy and more clarity. You’ll even get a bonus day’s support to help you dive deeper into the self care pool, rewire your mind and recalibrate your system.

PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care is a combination of all the tools I used to heal and come back to my true self; all the tools that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Just a small daily commitment over a one week period, PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care will nourish your life and bring your back home to yourself.

Are you ready to press pause?

Note: During the check out process, DO NOT untick the ‘subscription tick box’. The box MUST remain ticked in order to receive the PAUSE: Seven Days of Self Care emails. In accordance with MailChimp T&C, we are prohibited from emailing you if this box has been unchecked.

After purchase, keep an eye on your inbox for your first email from (you may need to check your junk or spam folder!)

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