Yoga + Pilates

Stressed. Tense. Exhausted. We hear you!

Bombarded by demands, deadlines and information, the intensity and stress of modern life is taking a toll on our bodies and minds.

Yoga +Pilates are a remedy for the modern busy woman.

Both help you slow down, feel calmer and unravel the physical and mental tension you may be experiencing. They also build strength, improve flexibility and help you feel more energised.

Georgina is the yoga and Pilates teacher on the Vitalita team. When the corporate world left her feeling depleted and her anxiety skyrocketed, she turned to yoga, Pilates and meditation to help her recalibrate and heal. 

Georgina is calming and grounding to be around. She believes that the body is wise and knows exactly what it wants and needs – we just need to listen. When she’s not on her mat, she’s planning mini trips away in nature, trying new cafes and pottering around her garden. 

Yoga and Pilates provide simple yet effective tools to create ease in your daily life and are suitable for EVERY BODY. Whatever your age, size or physical ability,  some of the benefits include:

  • strength, flexibility and balance
  • better posture
  • healthy spine and back
  • increased energy
  • relaxation and reduction of stress
  • better quality sleep
  • productivity, clarity and focus
  • mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Ahhhh, yes please!

If you’re new to yoga or Pilates, you may find this article, ‘So, You Want to Try Yoga?’ helpful.

Group Classes

Georgina runs weekly group classes around Brisbane.
Whether it’s your very first class, or you’ve been practicing for years, Georgina’s classes will leave you feeling refreshed and YOU, once again.
Find yoga and Pilates classes near you.

Wellness at Work

Georgina’s passion for wellness in the workplace was born out of her experience in the corporate world.
She is committed to helping employees thrive and feel their most vital selves, and employers create a workplace that is supportive and productive.
Find out more about our corporate wellness packages.