For those of you who don’t know me, my passion for tennis goes waaaay back.

Prior to picking up my first tennis racket at age 13, I was a promising rugby league player. But, when it became clear my growth had peaked at 5’3″,  it was time to choose a new, non-contact sport.

Not long after, I discovered my sister’s old heavy aluminium racket and took myself down to the local school. In lieu of a net, I drew a chalk line on the wall and spent every opportunity rallying (with myself).  If someone wanted me, they knew where to find me.

Young man and woman couple playing tennis or having tennis lesson

Recognising my passion, my cousin recommended I join a local tennis club; within a few weeks, I played my first division one competition. Consistent practice against the wall really paid off! Playing someone on the other side of a net gave me so much time to prepare for my next shot. I was accustomed to the ball coming back at me at twice, maybe three times the speed! I won my first match easily and remained undefeated for four years.

What’s all the racket about?

Tennis is a high-impact cardio activity which burns calories and builds cardio-fitness, improves agility, hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

However, I soon realised tennis wasn’t simply about hitting the ball over the net.  Tennis is like chess; a strategic game requiring mental acuity and strength. Not only did I need to understand my strengths and weaknesses, I had to learn how to assess those of my opponent and quickly determine how to play to their weaknesses. And I had to learn how to keep my cool when things weren’t going my way (let’s say, that’s a work in progress…). Whether professional or amateur, the best tennis players are mentally strong; when you’re down a set, every point matters.

What other sport delivers the same mental and physical benefits?

Whether you want to play for fun or fancy yourself the next Roger Federer, one-on-one tennis coaching will:

  • build your cardio fitness and agility
  • improve your timing
  • help you master the techniques
  • equip you with practical game tactics.

The good news is, you don’t need a tennis court to experience the benefits of tennis!

As a certified tennis coach, I am able to bring the benefits of tennis to my personal training clients. For example, I have integrated aspects of tennis coaching into one-on-one sessions with my client Buffy to enhance her reflexes and shorten her reaction time. Here’s a short video of us hitting a few balls over a makeshift net.

As you can see, PT and tennis are a winning combo. ACE!  (sorry… not sorry)

– Sam –

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