In holistic health circles, mould is known as ‘the great imitator’. In fact, before I discovered I had a biotoxin illness caused by mould, a number of alternative diagnoses were thrown around. Premature menopause, hypothyroidism, insulin-resistance, Binge Eating Disorder, iron deficiency anemia, uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, H Pylori, coeliac disease, and Pyroluria….

I’m mouldy. Yep, you read that right! After years of testing, invasive procedures and many almost…but not quite conclusions, we finally got to the crux of my health issues. I’m mouldy. Specifically, mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus and Penicillium were detected via urine testing. From debilitating fatigue and massive weight gain, to round-the-clock reflux, hair loss…

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