I turned 40 today and I can’t fathom how I got here (aside from the obvious passage of time). I’m not in denial… it’s just that 40 makes no sense to me. ⁠

I don’t feel 40. ⁠

I don’t look 40. ⁠

I don’t act 40.⁠

The older I get, the more I understand the saying ‘age is just a number’. I’m happy to be 40 but I don’t see it as a determining factor in what I can achieve. ⁠Here are 40 things I’ve learned about myself and the world around me along the way.

1. Curiousity is a wonderful trait and one of my highest values⁠

2. There IS such a thing as too much curiosity. Just ask my mother… I was a VERY curious child⁠

3. Trust your gut. It always tells the truth.⁠

4. First impressions aren’t always accurate

5. Pretty people are only pretty if the inside matches the outside

6. Education is a gift and knowledge is a superpower⁠

7. The bullying was never about you

8. Friends will come and go. Don’t cling to friendships that no longer serve you.⁠

9. You teach people how to treat you

10. Fast fashion is rarely worth it

11. You get to say no

12. Money spent on books and travel is never wasted (thanks Dad!)⁠

13. Buy high-quality knives and sharpen them regularly

14. Do not use box dye from the supermarket

15. The first glass of wine always tastes the best

16. You CAN give up coffee. Your life won’t end.⁠

17. You will never regret a good night’s sleep

18. You are not your thoughts

19. It’s ok to question authority, including doctors, politicians and teachers

20. You do not need to have children… no matter what society tells you

21. When it comes to love, throw away ‘the list’. None of that $hit matters.

22. Good activewear WILL boost your confidence and performance in the gym

23. Ancient cultures knew what they were talking about when they espoused the therapeutic qualities of water.

24. Lift heavy $hit. It will make you feel like Wonder Woman!

25. Your parents did their best with what they knew

26. Everyone should go to therapy

27. It’s never too late to change course or try something new

28. Don’t mistake white space for availability

29. You deserve to take up space

30. People don’t think about you as much as you think they do

31. Fear and excitement are one and the same

32. Be you. Everyone else is taken.

33. We are more similar than we are different

34. Beauty and intelligence are not mutually exclusive

35. Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes or underwear

36. Growing old is a privilege. Embrace your greys with pride.

37. Bright lipstick will always lift your mood

38. Dogs are better than cats

39. You don’t have to do something just because it’s always been done that way

40. Assume good intent

How old do you feel – in your body, mind and soul? How do you feel about getting older? I’d love to know!

– Georgina –

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