Spring has sprung and it’s my favourite time of year! 

There’s a lighter, fresher, more spontaneous energy. Crisp mornings hint at the possibility of Summer yet I know it’s still a few weeks before the oppressive subtropical humidity returns.

After the stillness and dormancy of Winter, we tend to crave expansion and vitality; taking our cures from nature, we begin to unfurl and bloom… but I urge you to pace yourself.

Resist the urge to rush as you emerge from hibernation.

Instead, use the tips and practices in this free seasonal self care guide to understand and work with the unique energy of the season so you can truly flourish! The carefully curated lifestyle, yoga, meditation and reflection practices in this guide will help you:

  • manage the seasonal transition with ease
  • develop a seasonally appropriate self care routine
  • reacquaint yourself with the lighter, fresher, more spontaneous energy of Spring
  • release stagnant energy and anything that isn’t serving you, in readiness for the growth and transformation ahead.

Here’s a sneak peek, including my top 5 tips to blossom this Spring

1. Declutter your space

Throwing away or donating the things you no longer need to create a spacious and harmonious home or work space is cathartic. But keep it manageable by focusing on one area at a time.

2. Commit to a morning routine

Start the day with intention. Whatever you choose – meditation, morning pages, a quiet cup of tea in the sun -keep it simple.

3. Nourish to flourish

Say goodbye to heavy, slow-cooked comfort foods; it’s time to add more greens to your plate and slowly reintroduce raw food and cold drinks.

4. Embrace backbends

Backbends expand your heart and release tension in the upper body. Notice how much easier it is to breathe afterwards!

And, finally…

5. Get your blood pumping

Move your body with greater frequency and intensity to heat give your circulatory and respiratory systems a much-needed boost.


These tips are just a glimpse of what’s included in this free guide.

The carefully curated lifestyle, yoga, meditation and reflection practices in this guide will prepare you for all the possibilities Spring has to offer!




If you have any questions or would like to share your insights as you move through these activities, I am only an email away! Drop me a line at georgina@vitalitahealthandfitness.com

– Georgina –

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