First of all, what is life coaching?

Drawing upon a variety of techniques and disciplines such as positive psychology, sociology, personal development and mindfulness, life coaching can help you create positive change in one or more areas of your life.

Coaching is NOT about telling you how to live your life. Instead, a coach can help you uncover what is truly important to you and what is missing from your life, and move forward in a constructive way by setting goals, creating a plan and identifying actions to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Basically, they’ll help you get from A to B… faster than you could alone.

Like personal training, coaching is an investment in your future self and there are many reasons people choose to work with a coach. Here are some signs you may benefit from working with a life coach:

4 signs you may benefit from working with a life coach

1. You feel lost or unsure of your purpose 

Maybe your life looks great on the outside but you lie awake at night wondering “is this it?”. Or perhaps the only goals you set are the ones mandated in your annual performance review.

Far from being frivolous, dreams and desires give your life purpose, direction and meaning. A dream can change your life… it could even change the world!

If you feel lost or unsure of your purpose, working with a life coach can create clarity and certainty. They will ask powerful questions to help you:

  • clarify your values
  • understand who you are 
  • figure out where you want to go… in your life, in your career, in your relationships, in your health
  • see things from a new perspective
  • unlock your true purpose
  • get from where you are to where you want to be with confidence. 

Sometimes, a new perspective is all you need to get unstuck and live the life of your dreams.

2. You have a vision but no plan

So, you’ve got a dream but you just don’t know where to start. Or maaaaaybe you’re procrastinating and need support to kickstart your progress.

A life coach can’t achieve your goal for you but they can help you figure out how to make it a reality. A life coach can help you:

  • get crystal clear on your vision
  • identify your starting point
  • map out realistic and achievable steps
  • start taking positive action in the direction of your goals.

They’ll also provide support, accountability and encouragement every step of the way.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing!  A life coach will help you turn your dreams into reality.

3. You feel stuck

You’ve tried ALL. THE. THINGS to achieve your goals but nothing seems to stick. The same issues pop up over and over, like a bad song on repeat. I’ve been there, stuck in a cycle of perfectionism, self doubt and comparisonitis. 

The thing is, nothing changes if nothing changes. You have to do something different and a life coach can help you do just that! They will work with you to:

  • understand where in your life you feel dissatisfied, frustrated or stuck
  • identify the stories playing on loop in your mind
  • unravel the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back
  • boost your confidence and self-belief
  • create a roadmap and encourage you to take positive action towards your goals.

While coaching does not replace modalities such as counselling, psychology or psychotherapy, the right coach can help you identify your BS stories so you can get out of your own way and achieve the success you deserve and desire.

4. You’re busy and want to turbocharge your results

Type A’s listen up! If you are busy with a capital B and feel like you never have enough time in the day, you don’t have to sacrifice or scale back your dreams. What you need is a support crew; a life coach who can:

  • help you identify your priorities and pare back your to-do list
  • teach you strategies to manage the physical and mental effects of stress
  • help you pinpoint where to invest your precious time and energy
  • provide clarity, direction and support as you figure out how to effectively tackle it all

You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, working with a coach can shorten your learning curve, saving you time and money by helping you find the right solution for you, faster.

You don’t have to endlessly struggle, trying to figure everything out yourself! People from all walks of life work with coaches on everything from relationships to running, careers to confidence.

But how do you know if you’re really ready to take the leap?

I offer a complimentary consult where we can chat about how I can support you. It’s also a chance to get to know each other a little better and see if we are a good match. If It’s a ‘hell yes!’ from us both, then we get down to business…

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– Georgina – 

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