Let’s be honest, sticking to your goals can be hard.

And one of the reasons we don’t achieve our goals is that there is no substance or depth to them. We decide something on a whim, perhaps because we think we should, or because someone else says it’s a good idea.

That’s why you need a solid WHY.

Knowing WHAT you want to achieve is important but knowing WHY you want to achieve it is mission-critical! 

No matter what your goal is, your why will keep you focused and committed to showing up, day in and day out… even when you don’t feel like it! Because the more you connect to your goals emotionally, the more invested you are and the more inspired you are to take positive action.

When it comes to wellness goals, some examples I’ve heard from clients include:

… because I want to have more energy to play with my kids.
… because exercise reduces my stress levels and I know that makes me a kinder and less reactive parent, partner and friend.
… because I want to be more focused at work.
… because I want to bounce out of bed with radiant health and vitality.
… because my job is stressful and I want to feel less anxious, overwhelmed and on edge.
… because I want to be less reliant on medication / avoid surgery.

But you can’t simply borrow someone else’s why… 

Which is why I created a step-by-step workbook to help you uncover your unique why and create goals that are meaningful to you.  

That’s right, YOU. Not your mother, the women you work with or the editor of some fitness magazine you read while waiting in line at Woolies.

This guide will help you set sustainable and exciting health and wellness goals for yourself.


But before you crack open the workbook… get comfy, close your eyes and listen to this short guided visualisation.

Once you’ve listened, grab your workbook and let’s dive in! On the second page you’ll find space to jot down any ‘ah-ha’ moments, word or feelings that came to you or any details from the visualisation that you want to capture.

This is the basis of your goal and it’s the one step most people forget – they jump straight into action. Although it takes a bit of time and thought, this groundwork is critical; it will set you up for success and make it far easier to take action towards your goals.

You’ve got this!

I get it, sticking to your goals can be hard!

My aim is to help you think about goals in a different way so that you can identify and set goals that are meaningful to you. If you haven’t already, download your free guide to setting goals that stick here.

And if you want even more support, motivation and accountability to help you bring your dreams and goals to life, I’d love to work with you 1:1. Find out more about Life and Wellness Coaching here.

– Georgina –

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