Good question, what is the difference between counselling and coaching? And how do you know which one is right for you?

I am a trained life coach and have the professional experience to guide you to make significant and positive life changes, but coaching does not replace psychological care.

What is psychological or ‘talking’ therapy?

Counselling, psychology and psychotherapy tend to focus on what has already happened up until this point in time. These therapeutic modalities take into consideration a client’s life history and provide a safe space for them to process and ‘overcome’ unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and life patterns. Registered professionals practicing in these modalities have undertaken extensive tertiary education and ongoing professional development.

If you are in crisis; managing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression; experiencing relationship issues; or dealing with addiction, grief or loss you may be better suited to psychological or ‘talking’ therapy at this stage. If you live in Australia, I recommend speaking to your GP or you can search for a registered psychologist or counsellor online.

And please remember, it’s okay to not be okay! 

What is coaching?

Coaching draws upon a variety of techniques and disciplines such as psychology, sociology, personal development and mindfulness but tends to be future-focussed.

My goal as a coach is to support and empower you to create positive and lasting change in your life. I help you move forward in a constructive way by setting specific goals, creating a plan and developing actions to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Coaching is NOT about telling you how to live your life. Instead, an effective coach will guide you, asking questions to help you:

  • identify your values and uncover what is truly important to you
  • unlock the answers that are already inside of you
  • recognise and build on your unique strengths
  • think and behave differently
  • create and uphold boundaries
  • take positive action to create the change you desire
  • show up for yourself and step into your highest purpose and power.

Can’t I just talk to my friends?

By all means, chat with friends about your dreams and goals. But will they give you their undivided attention? Will they hold you accountable, give you constructive feedback and challenge you to get out of your own way? Probably not.

Coaching is not the same as counselling. It’s not the same as consulting. And it’s definitely not the same as being someone’s friend.  At its heart, life coaching is about personal growth and if you want to create a life you love, coaching can help you do just that!

If you want to find out more about coaching and how you can work with me as a Women’s Life and Wellness Coach, head over here

– Georgina – 

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