This workout targets your whole body. Complete three rounds of each circuit.

 All levels
Duration:  Approximately 45 mins
Equipment: TRX, kettlebells, deadball 

Circuit 1

10 x TRX push up (easier option: TRX chest press)
10 x Double kettlebell swing (easier option: single kettlebell swing)
10 x TRX pistol squat plus optional plyometric (explosive) jump (complete 10 reps each side)
10 x Kettlebell front squat (easier option: goblet squat)

Circuit 2

10 x TRX T
10 x Double kettlebell thruster (easier option: single kettlebell thruster)
10 x TRX pull up (easier option: TRX low row)
10 x Deadball slam

Circuit 3

10 x TRX pike
10 x TRX side plank with hip drop (easier option: on the ground, without TRX) (complete 10 reps each side)
10 x TRX single leg knee tuck (easier option: double knee tucks) (complete 10 reps each side)
10 x  High plank to stand (explosive)



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