We are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Vitalita Health & Fitness team, Uale Rea. Like us, Uale isn’t interested in exercise for the sake of exercise. He’s here to help you level up, using exercise and healthy lifestyle hacks to help you become the best version of yourself.

Grab yourself a cuppa and get to know Uale.

First up, how do you pronounce your name?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that! Uale is Western Samoan, pronounced Wah-lay.

Why did you become a PT?

After 15 years as a corporate drone accountant, the thought of another 30 years chained to a desk was unbearable. My health had deteriorated as a result of late nights, long lunches, too many post-work drinks and too few workouts.  I was bored and my mental health was suffering; I craved variety, growth and purpose.

Change wasn’t optional. It was essential.

As a Personal Trainer, every day is different and there is endless scope for personal and professional development. I get a real buzz from helping other people, seeing them change their lives in big and small ways.

What would you be doing if you weren’t helping people become fit, healthy and happy?

I’ve probably left it a bit late but, in my dreams, I’m a striker for Liverpool Football Club. I’m absolutely football mad. Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL, English Premier League Football – I love it all!  I used to play but now I’m content watching others in their zone of genius.

If you could invite three influential people to dinner who would they be and why?

Princess Diana lived a short but rich life and I don’t think she understood how cherished she was, both by her children and the broader public. She helped reduce stigma and prompt action on life and death issues such as AIDS, leprosy, homelessness and the impact of landmines in war-torn countries.

US President Bill Clinton had a rough childhood and a bumpy road to the top. Although he is best known for his controversial exit from office, Clinton managed to turn around an ailing economy. A charismatic public speaker,  he’d have some epic stories to share over a plate of surf n’ turf.

Paul Keating is another economic hero of mine. As Treasurer and, subsequently, Prime Minister, he helped reform the economy and set the course for future growth. But, like Clinton, I’d invite him along for his wit and captivating story-telling ability.

What is something interesting not many people know about you?

Although I drink coffee, I have never bought a takeaway coffee. Sit down. Enjoy your damn drink!

What is your favourite mantra or quote?

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them are what make life meaningful.”

Thanks Uale!

Uale is available for mobile personal training on Brisbane Northside. Get in touch to book your complimentary consultation.

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