If you feel stuck, scattered, burnt out or disconnected, chances are, your root chakra could use a tune-up. Keep reading to find out how to activate the first chakra. 

(not sure what a chakra is? Check out my Introduction to the Chakras.)

Located at the very base of your spine, the first chakra (also known as the base chakra, root chakra or Muladhara in Sanskrit) governs the health of your legs, feet, joints and muscles. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also responsible for your survival, security and sense of belonging. You’ll know it’s working properly if you:

  • can easily take care of your basic needs – food, water, shelter, security
  • feel grounded and connected
  • feel vital, energised, full of strength and stamina
  • can access or create the resources you need
  • feel loved and accepted by your friends, family and community, and love the place you live
  • rejoice in life and all the challenges and expansion it brings. You deal easily with everything life brings your way and trust that you have everything you need.

Sounds awesome, right!? 

If you’re not quite there, try these practices to enhance and activate the first chakra:

1. Show your feet some love

Your feet are your physical and metaphysical foundation so show your feet some love with this short yoga sequence for your feet and ankles. Move slowly and mindfully. As you enter each pose, create a solid foundation by pressing down through the parts of your body that are touching the ground. Focus on the alignment of your body and the sensations in your muscles and joints. Ask yourself: how can I  increase the feeling of stability and balance in this pose?

2. Earth yourself

One of the easiest ways to access and activate the first chakra is by earthing yourself

Next time you’re in a park or on the beach, take off your shoes and stand barefoot. With eyes open or closed, bring your awareness to the surface beneath your feet; is it grass, sand, soil, rock or some other natural surface? Notice the texture and the temperature beneath your feet. Spread your toes, ground down through all four corners of your feet, distributing your weight evenly between left and right sides. Imagine roots developing out the soles of your feet, anchoring you down. With your feet planted firmly on the earth, you instinctively feel grounded, steady, strong.  When your body or mind first signals that perhaps it’s time to move on, stay a while longer, remembering that trees stand still for years, lifetimes.

If you’re up for more earthy goodness, grab a copy of Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves. Rather than preaching, lecturing or shaming, Dr Mahdi Mason’s work is a loving reminder of RECIPROCITY: When we take from the earth, we must also give back, physically or metaphysically.

3. Move your body

Whether you like to dance, cycle, swim or run, movement gets you out of your head and into your body. Physical activity also helps ease physical tension and release feelings of anger, irritability, impatience or fear. If you can do it outside, even better!

4. Meditate on a mountain

Let’s be clear, I’m talking about visualising a mountain… but you can listen to this free guided meditation wherever you want!

Take your meditation to the next level by resting the backs of your hands on each knee, bringing the tip of the thumb and ring finger together in prithivi mudra. This grounding mudra stimulates the earth element, enhancing your sense of stability, security and balance.

5. Enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty

Essential oils are Mother Nature’s gift. To stimulate your first chakra, choose oils derived from trees and roots, such as Vetiver, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Arborvitae and Frankincense. Incorporate red fruits and vegetables, and earthy foods such as root vegetables, beans and nuts into your diet.

You cannot reach for the stars if your feet are not firmly planted on the ground so try these tips and prepare to reach new heights!

Now, dive into the second chakra here.

– Georgina –

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