Many people we meet tell us that they can’t afford Personal Training.

And we get it! In a time and age where life is getting increasingly expensive, we understand that investing in something like PT might feel like a stretch. But something we’ve noticed is this …

There’s a very big difference between people who do invest in Personal Training and those who don’t. And that difference comes down to mindset (not money!)

Those who DO invest in PT generally see it as being something that adds value to their life. They see it as an investment in their wellbeing. They see it as a tool that brings them closer to being the person they aspire to be – less stressed and more calm, fit and healthy.

Those who DON’T invest in PT generally view it as a ‘luxury’. They see it as something they’d allow themselves to have only if they had more money. They see it as an expense that would add stress to their lives, rather than focussing on all the benefits that regular exercise would gift them.

So, what are the benefits of regular exercise?

Regular exercise:

  • helps you sleep better
  • increases your energy levels
  • boosts your immune system, and
  • helps you manage the physical and mental effects of stress, depression and anxiety

… just to name a few.

So, why should you invest in Personal Training?

Why not just create your own exercise regime and set goals for yourself for free?

Because let’s be real – not many people, despite their best intentions, do this. Our motivation fluctuates and energy levels waver. So many of us have lives that are filled to the brim with responsibilities and to-do’s and often, exercise is the first thing to drop off our daily schedule.

I want you to be honest with yourself and ask …

Have you ever set an exercise goal for yourself?

If so, how long did you stick to it?

If you stopped prematurely, why?

Clients tell us time and time again that the only reason why they continue to stick to an exercise regime is because of the support they receive and accountability they’re offered, through PT. PT takes you on a journey, makes exercise feel fresh and exciting, holds your hand and helps you navigate commonly experienced challenges like lack of motivation, plateaus in progress and injuries. I have PT clients who have been working with me consistently for YEARS which goes to show how helpful the support can be in helping you stay focussed and on track.

What people often forget is that fitness is an investment in health.

They get so fixated on the price tag that they fail to see the long term consequences that not investing in fitness will have on their life like compounding stress; physical and psychological illnesses; strained relationships; fluctuating energy … we could go on and on.

Vince, one of our Personal Training and Group Fitness clients said,

It’s an investment in your health, and you can’t put a price on that

How much is your health worth to you?

Today? Tomorrow? How about 10 years from now?

There’s no better time to start committing to a life brimming with health, than now.

If you’re sitting at home reading this thinking, ‘Yeah but I still don’t think I can afford PT Sam’, let me share with you a little story from my life …

Money is something that’s spoken about a lot in my home. Where some take an avoidant approach to their finances, Georgina and I have intentionally spent many years improving our relationship with money, getting clear on the kind of lifestyle we want to have and figuring out what we want to spend our money on.

These days we have a general guiding rule: If it’s good for our health, and enhances our wellbeing, we invest in it (as a side note, our happiness has increased exponentially as a result!)

No, we’re not millionaires and, yes, we have to say ‘no’ to things sometimes. But, generally, if we know something will positively impact our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing, we prioritise it. What these means practically, is that you’ll often see us investing in things like:

  • Quality fresh food
  • Appointments with health and wellness practitioners (nutritionists, naturopaths, remedial massage therapists, osteopaths and the like…)
  • Social activities with people who light us up
  • Workshops, talks and events (like meditation courses)
  • And of course, fitness.

It took us a long time to get to where we are today though.

For many years we spent mindlessly and wasted money on things that didn’t add value to our life.

We spent A LOT of money on eating out and buying into trends that we soon forgot about.

That all changed when we started Vitalita Health & Fitness and no longer had a ‘secure’ paycheck to fall back on (all of my self-employed friends who are reading this will know that I mean!) It was at this point where we began to take charge of our finances, respect our money and pay close attention to what we were spending our hard-earned cash on.

While it would have been extremely easy for us to get rid of the things we loved and made us feel good while all of this financial uncertainty was unfolding, we didn’t.

Because we knew that good quality, fresh food helped us stay healthy and energetic.

We knew that the health practitioners we saw helped keep us functioning at our optimum.

We knew that spending time with people we loved kept our spirits high.

We knew that workshops and events helped us continue to grow and evolve.

And we knew that fitness would keep us feeling like our best selves.

Did it mean that we had to cut other things out of our lives, in order to keep all this good stuff?

YES! Was this exchange worth it? Hell yeah it was! In fact, we hardly even noticed the absence of any of the other things we let go of!

I encourage you to consider:

What is my relationship with money like? Where did this relationship come from? (hint: it usually all comes from your parents or the adult figures you had in your life when you were young)

What do I spend my money on?

What could I let go of that doesn’t add value to my life? (eg. eating out, drinking, smoking, shopping)

If, after all this, you still genuinely feel like you can’t afford Personal Training, we suggest talking to us about training with a partner or friend to lower the cost, or joining us for our weekly group fitness sessions.

Remember: PT isn’t a luxury and it’s not something just for super-rich celebrities. It can be affordable and it will add an immense amount of value, health and vitality to your life.

You deserve to invest in your health and we’ve got something to suit every budget! Book a free 15-minute call to find out how we can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

– Sam –

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